FFCON20 Fintech Draft Finalists to Pitch & Demo LIVE August 27th

The inaugural FFCON20 Fintech Draft identifies and features emerging and high growth fintech startups and scaleups who will compete on Thursday, August 27, 2020 in an online pitching competition and demo competition. Applicants were drawn globally with a total of 5 pitching and 3 demo companies being selected

The format is akin to the sports draft concept where the finalists for each competition will deliver a short 5-7 minute presentation to pitch their product and engage in a Q&A before a panel of judges. A vote will take place and a single pitch and single demo company will emerge as the winners of the FFCON20 People’s Choice Awards and receive a 1 year industry partnership with NCFA and other partner perks. 

Congratulations to the following pitching and demo competition finalists!

Pitching Competition Finalists


Young people who participated in a financial education program are 3 times more likely to spend less than they earn, borrow less and save more. WALO’s mission is to ensure the next generation’s financial wellbeing through a gamified financial literacy platform. Teens are taught how to manage money and be put on the path to becoming money-savvy young adults. Learn more about WALO App here: https://2021.fintechandfunding.com/ffcon20-fintech-draft-walo/

Trust Anchor Group

Modern infrastructure, digitalization and fast connectivity has made cars, buildings, factories, and homes smarter and smarter. This has led to increased cost to protect against cyber-crime, such as identity theft, data breaches, and monetary fraud. Trust Anchor Group provides a foundation for the smart society by connecting existing infrastructure within multiple domains to the latest technology and standards for internet of things and smart payments. Learn more about Trust Anchor Group here: https://2021.fintechandfunding.com/ffcon20-fintech-draft-trust-anchor-group/


While most other markets have been digitized through modern technological platforms, the real estate market has not experienced this. As a result, it lacks the advantage of liquidity and remained tedious, complex, slow-moving and costly. SolidBlock aims to build a new asset class based on real estate, combining the stability of the property market growth and efficiency of blockchain-based financial products. Learn more about SolidBlock here: https://2021.fintechandfunding.com/ffcon20-fintech-draft-solidblock/.


Financial Institutions/Lenders are facing declining margins in loan portfolios from market factors including increased competition from non-traditional lenders and consumer preference for a “personalized” experience leading to higher customer churn. Senso embeds predictive revenue intelligence into lender operations to optimize loan portfolio retention, acquisition, and product cross sell. Learn more about Senso.ai here: https://2021.fintechandfunding.com/ffcon20-fintech-draft-senso/


Currently, there are a lack of tools and underwriting platforms in North America that are capable of providing real-time assessment to reduce risk, improve cycle times and make lenders more profitable. FundMore.ai is an automated underwriting system that uses machine learning (ML) to streamline the pre-funding process for loans. It was created to service mortgage lenders that do not have access to the proprietary software relied upon by large institutions. Learn more about FundMore.ai here: https://2021.fintechandfunding.com/ffcon20-fintech-draft-fundmore-ai/.

Demo Competition Finalists


Despite a clear transition in the North American payments environment towards electronic payments in the consumer realm, businesses are still heavily reliant on manual, paper-based processes. DivDot is a payment platform that aims to aid in the transition that enables businesses to send and receive no limit payments for a flat fee. It simplifies and automates businesses’ entire payment cycle from payment initiation to reconciliation. Learn more about DivDot here: https://2021.fintechandfunding.com/ffcon20-fintech-draft-divdot/

Corl Financial Technologies Inc.

The Digital Economy is worth 3+ trillion dollars today, and yet, the majority of small businesses in this space don’t have access to growth capital because they don’t have tangible assets to collateralize. Corl has developed a financing platform that leverages data, automation, and machine learning to offer revenue-sharing financing to small businesses. Learn more about Corl here: https://2021.fintechandfunding.com/ffcon20-fintech-draft-corl/


Cryptocurrency is a very hot rising topic in the current financial services industry. Cyclebit solves the last mile in payments for cryptocurrencies. They increase the revenue generated by our merchants by reducing the transaction fees while leveraging blockchain technology to reduce fraud. Learn more about Cyclebit here: https://2021.fintechandfunding.com/ffcon20-fintech-draft-cyclebit/

Congratulations to the Fintech Draft Pitching and Demo Finalists!

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