Announcing another amazing speaker at FFCON21!  Ethan Pierse, CEO of Borderless Ventures and CryptoAssets Institute delivering a keynote talk on May 12


Thursday, May 13 • 4:55pm – 5:25pm

We’ve managed to digitize our personalities, our education, our work, and even how we find our soulmates. The current pandemic has thrust us even farther into a new future where our physical and digital lives blend seamlessly together. We are at the cusp of a new reality where who we are as humans will become a central question and the decisions we make today will impact our world for centuries to come.

But what happens when the world becomes a billboard, robots have spatial reasoning and virtual assistants own the relationship with us? How will your job change? Cathy Hackl has been to the far frontiers of tech and will take us on a journey from virtual beings, augmented humans to synthetic humanoid robots (synths), and beyond. When the stakes are so high, what will be the implications for humans in the synthetic decade ahead of us and the coming of the metaverse? What will it mean for the future of finance?


Cathy Hackl

Futurist + Founder at Futures Intelligence Group
VP at Avatar Dimension
Washington, DC


Cathy is an Emmy-nominated broadcast journalist turned public relations professional and social media strategist. She teaches Communication for Entrepreneurs and Social Media Management at IE Business, one of Europe’s top-business schools. Hackl has spoken international on behalf of IE Business in Asia Pacific and Spain. Her media career includes positions with ABC News, CNN, Fox, and the Discovery Channel. Hackl is the founder of Global Trends Public Relations and Social Media Breakfast Gainesville. She currently works as a PR Specialist in healthcare at UF Health and is active in the social media community in north central Florida. Hackl’s research interests include social media in emerging markets, growth hacking, communications planning for startups, brand recognition and management, women in technology, and strategic communications for small business owners. Hackl holds an MA in Latin American and Caribbean Studies and MS in Mass Communication from Florida International University, as well as BA in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Texas. She’s Costa Rican-American and lives in Gainesville, Florida with her husband (who’s a rocket scientist) and her two bilingual children.  Download Cathy’s full bio here

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