• #FFCON19 is set to showcase the importance of being fearless to succeed in Fintech
  • 12 cutting-edge companies will compete in a ground-breaking pitch competition 
  • Key emerging trends from tech and investment realms will be highlighted

Where finance and technology meet, lies one of the most fascinating sectors of the modern world. From its inception, the financial technology (Fintech) space has been built on inventive thinking and unconventional concepts. This crucial intersection has the power to transform global banking, investing, and many other sectors that people and businesses interact with on a daily basis.

“The Canadian Fintech industry is leading the way in revolutionizing financial services and events such as FFCON19 to help create a strong ecosystem that cultivates innovation and growth.  Excited to be a part of it!”

— Dr. Dan Rosen, CEO of d1g1t.com

  From April 3rd–4th in Toronto, Ontario, FFCON2019: Fearless will aim to embody this innovative essence, hosting a variety of influential thought leaders, industry experts, and 750 attendees. The event will function as a comprehensive and daring expo showcasing innovators and disrupters that are having significant impacts within Fintech. Attendees will learn vital content delivered from fearless experts and will explore more about the economic progress, regulations, and insights from the industry.  

“This year’s annual conference will feature risk takers that are challenging orthodoxy, and overcoming obstacles to commercialize fintech innovations that unlock value and impact people’s lives”

— Craig Asano, CEO of NCFA

  Further, the NCFA will launch its inaugural Global Fintech Education program at the conference, created for entrepreneurs to explore the foundational aspects of Fintech and learn about the current state of the industry. The program will also cover the key drivers of Fintech success, as well as explore the building blocks and framework of this sector.  

“Transforming the financial industry requires going against convention with fresh insights, innovative thinking, and robust frameworks.”

— Hussein Hallak, CEO of Next Decentrum.

  With more than $39 billion invested in the global Fintech realm in 2018 alone, this event is not to be missed. The expenditure in this industry signals the significant potential for Fintech to become a multi-trillion-dollar market in the near future. Get your tickets for FFCON 2019 Fearless before they’re gone here: fintechandfunding.com Learn more about FFCON 2019 here: https://ncfacanada.org/succeeding-in-fintech-means-being-fearless/