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Crowdfunding is about being supported by way of kind donations, but it also involves promoting your crowdfunding campaign to give you the best possible chance of getting the support you need. The following are some of the ways you can promote your campaign.

Promote Before the Launch

Start promoting the launch of your campaign about a month or two before the actual launch. Mention it on social media platforms; mention your reasons for your fundraising campaign and how it will help you. Do this once a week or so, so as to keep it fresh in people’s minds.

Post about something linked to your approaching campaign. For example, maybe you’re a writer and you need funding support to go on a writers’ retreat. Every week, you could share a short excerpt leading up to the campaign launch date.

Another example: Let’s say you’re really looking to study an MBA online next year and need some support funding it. You could share anecdotes that are relevant to studying a degree, how you felt when you embarked on your first degree, etc.

Approach Those You Know

Let your family and friends know about your prelaunch and launch. You’re bound to get some support there and some might even spread the word for you as well.

Starting with your family and friends will give you the moral support, faith and boost you will need throughout the campaign.

Use Facebook Profile Pictures to Spread the Word

Create an image that reflects and promotes your campaign, then make it your profile picture (or cover photo) on Facebook. Ask family and friends if they could kindly change their profile pictures to the one for your campaign. It’s a good way to get the word round about your fundraising and people might want to support you by way of association (for example, a close friend uses your profile picture as theirs. Their friend who sees it decides to donate to you).

Do something similar for other social media platforms.

Social Media Profile/Email Signature

For all of your social media profiles, make use of the part where you can add a web address; add the one for your campaign. Also, for your email accounts, add an email signature linking to your campaign.


You could organize a fundraising party. Or create stickers or badges online (using Zazzle, for instance) and ask people to buy them and wear them. The money from the sales of stickers/badges become donations, plus word gets out about your campaign when they’re worn.

Depending on what your campaign is, you could also promote it in your local newspaper or community magazine. Maybe someone could do a write-up about it.

There are various ways to make your fundraising campaign a success. It takes work. It takes planning. And it involves putting in the promotional work before the campaign even launches. Whether it’s for a cause close to your heart or for an online MBA degree, it’s possible. Good luck.

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